Legal support

For companies that do not have a stuff legal expert, our company offers a wide range of choice of contracts of legal support.

Legal support of business includes:

  • Legal advice.
  • Verbal and written legal advice on civil, tax, labor law.
  • Contract work and the development of other business documents.
  • Preparation of statements liquidation.
  • Preparation of business letters, claims and responses to them.
  • Development of other legal documents.


For our customers who have signed a contract for accounting services we also recommend our legal service. You will get the best and full service for your company. You should not have to pay for each service separately at high prices; the best Corporate Rate for legal service will reduce the cost of your company.

Companies who have signed a contract with our company for accounting service have a discount on legal service at the rate of 25%!!



Факты o PlusMinus Consulting

В 2009 году компания PlusMinus Consulting открыла офис в Санкт-Петербурге на Васильевском острове в БЦ «Сенатор». Наряду с бухгалтерским сопровождением заказчикам предложены услуги по регистрации предприятий, ведению кадрового учета, введена услуга "аутсорсинг расчёта заработной платы/аутсорсинг кадрового делопроизводства" для предприятий среднего бизнеса.

PlusMinus Consulting становится членом клуба «Сенатор». Участникам клубной программы доступна 10% скидка на услуги нашей компании!

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