Personnel records

PlusMinus Consulting specialists offer services for payroll and personnel records. This service is in demand at medium and large companies with more than 150 employees with a complex algorithm payroll, bonuses and deductions, accruals for sick-lists and other payments.

On the basis of primary documents produced by the client we provide:

  • payroll, benefits, compensation and other employee benefits in compliance with all requirements of the tax and labor laws;
  • monitoring timely payment of wages and transfer of taxes and fees associated with payroll;
  • formation mandatory reporting forms for payroll, reporting to Federal Tax Service and extrabudgetary funds.


Personnel records in accordance with the Labor Code of Russian Federation made with registration of all necessary personnel documents, including:

  • personal cards;
  • orders;
  • employment contracts;
  • contracts liability (both individual and collective);
  • keeping timesheets;
  • making entries in the employment records of the company.


Necessary primary documents:

  • A copy of employee's passport/identity card,
  • A copy of TIN of employee,
  • A copy of the Pension Fund Certificate of employee,
  • A copy of birth certificate of employee's children.
  • Features of the internal regulations of the enterprise, the Regulation on bonuses if available.



Ask our experts! Learn features of registration of employees in your company under labor contracts. Ask for the list of required personnel documents. Minimize your risks!

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