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You can sleep peacefully entrusting the solution of legal issues to our specialists!

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Start your business in Russia with us! We'll always be close to you. PlusMinus Consulting - accounting and legal services.

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PlusMinus Consulting - бухгалтерское и юридическое
сопровождение бизнеса

  • After reviewing a lot of companies providing legal support, in the end we settled on PlusMinus Consulting and never regretted. Individual approach and supporting the customer's best interest as their own distinguishes this team from existing offerings on the market.

    Anna Makarova, CFO YASKAWA Russia

  • It's very comfortable for us to work with PlusMinus Consulting. Employees decide all the questions arising in the process quickly and efficiently.

    Tatiana Kozlova, Deputy General Director of “NAVTOR” Company.

  • We, "KAPPA CIS" Company, are satisfied with the work of PlusMinus Consulting; employees of the company were solved quickly and efficiently all the questions arising in the course of work!

    We hope for further cooperation.

    Alexander Goncharov, General Director of "KAPPA CIS"

  • We started our cooperation with PlusMinus Consulting in early 2013. Experts of the company are responsive and competent employees with ponderable experience in accounting services for operation and competent approach to each situation arises.

    Sincerely, General Director of "Cellhire" LLC Perjan Andrei

  • "First climatic company" LLC expresses gratitude for competent accounting and tax records as well as for operational advice in the process. Cooperation with PlusMinus Consulting allowed to complete a series of desk audits of the tax authorities successfully. We wish you and your team to follow the chosen high level of service and success in the accounting profession.

    Dmitry Bulakov, General Director of "First climatic company" LLC

Наши партнёры

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    Банк Точка

    1. Судебное представительство: арбитражные споры, административное судопроизводство, суды общей юрисдикции.
    2. Сопровождение проектов в сфере строительства и земельных отношений.
    3. Сопровождение сделок с недвижимостью и регистрация прав.
    4. Правовой анализ документов, подготовка заключений.
    5. Разработка документов: контракты, корпоративные документы.
    6. Сопровождение банкротства.
    7. Досудебное разрешение споров.
    8. Исполнительное производство.
    9. Ведение наследственных дел.

    Контакты: Санкт-Петербург, Спасский переулок, 14/35 офис 213.

Facts about PlusMinus Consulting

In 2009 PlusMinus Consulting has opened an office in Saint Petersburg on Vasilievsky Island in BC "SENATOR". Along with accounting services customers are offered legal services to business registration, personnel records, service "payroll outsourcing/outsourcing HR administration" are entered for medium-sized businesses.

PlusMinus Consulting becomes a member of "SENATOR" Club. 10 % discount at our company is available to the all participants of the club program!

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PlusMinus Consulting today is the company that provides services in accounting and legal support to small and medium-sized businesses. The beginning of our company was laid in 2003. First steps have been taken in the sphere of accounting service small businesses. Originally it was a private practice of Director and owner of the company . High qualified service, individual approach to each customer, understanding of the challenges faced the accounting department - all this has greatly expanded the range of clients and partners. Obtained the first positive reviews, our clients and partners began to recommend us.
In 2009 the company opened an office PlusMinus Consulting in Saint Petersburg. Along with services for accounting support we offered to our customers services to business registration, management of personnel records, also we entered service "outsource payroll / HR administration outsourcing" for medium-sized businesses.
In 2012 one more office was opened in Moscow. For entrepreneurs who have business in the two capitals this was an extra bonus. The list of legal and financial services is extended for Russian corporate clients as well as foreign companies. PlusMinus Consulting Company has 96% customer retention rate which is one of the best in the outsourcing industry. More than 80% of customers of PlusMinus Consulting in Russia are willing to recommend the company services to its business partners as well as friends and acquaintances. PlusMinus Consulting team has extensive practical and methodological experience in accounting and corporate law. We are happy to share our accumulated knowledge.
Our team motto - "Close to you!" See reviews and recommendations of our customers - this is true! Learn more about the services PlusMinus Consulting and opportunities for your business you can contact us by any way: Moscow : +7-499-340-98-92 St. Petersburg : +7-812-313-20-92